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Surrey Hills Wasp Nest Removal cover Guildford and the surrounding areas for wasp nest removal.

When we remove a wasp nest we will treat it first to ensure that it is no longer active, then we will arrange to return at a later date to remove the wasp nest.

It is not essential to have a wasp nest removed. Many people believe that the wasps will return and use the old nest.

However this is not the case, a nest might be built next to an existing one but will never be reused as it will always be the queen wasp that will start a nest and build it to a certain size until she can lay her eggs.  Once the eggs have developed into adult wasps she will then stay in there laying more eggs while the (workers) adult wasps forage for materials to continue making the next layers of nest and feeding the young wasp larvae.

At the end of the season the workers run out of food and die from the cold and the newly born queens will go into hibernation, where they will emerge again in the spring and start the process all over again.

Wasp Nest Removal Guildford

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