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About Surrey Hills Wasp Control

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Surrey Hills Wasp Control is part of Surrey Hills Pest Control who provide professional pest control thoughout Surrey. 


Surrey Hills Wasp Control have many years experience in the wasp control industry, we feel it is very important to offer our customers the best service we can provide offering you a professional service and advice at a reasonable price.  We offer wasp control in Surrey and parts of Sussex giving you the same quality of service wherever you are.

We are also fully insured and qualified. This gives you the customer peace of mind that we are suitable to carry out the job in hand.  Having many years experience of wasp control enables us to rid you of even the most hard to reach wasp nests.


All our wasp control treatments are guaranteed:
So if you have a wasp nest that we have treated that is still active after 48hrs give us a call and we will return to treat the nest again free of charge.

So to have a care free summer and rid you of your wasp problem contact Surrey Hills Wasp Control today to have the number 1 wasp control company in Surrey.

To arrange a visit for your wasp control  today, please click on the link below or phone us on:

(01306) 735442 or 07971 519415

and we will get back to you as soon as possible 


 Wasp Control Request

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