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Wasp Control

​Have you got wasps? Then you may need a wasp control Treatment.

Wasp Control

Surrey Hills Wasp Control provide a professional service for wasp control.

We have been providing wasp control for over 15 years. We are trained and qualified to RSPH Level 3 in Pest Management amongst other qualifications, this along with our many years of experience providing wasp control we are able to deal with the most difficult of jobs. We are also insured to carry out wasp control treatments.


Guaranteed Service for Wasp Control 

We pride ourselves in the professional service and treatment that we offer for wasp control. We are so confident of our wasp control treatments that we offer a guaranteed service, so if we carry out a wasp control treatment and it has not been successful and the nest that has been treated is still active after 2-3 days we will return to treat the same nest again with no extra charge.


How do I know I have a wasp nest?

If you are seeing lots of wasps around your property and you think that you may have a wasp’s nest, the things to look out for are where the wasps might be going. The most common places you will see wasps will be entering the gaps under roof tiles, holes in brickwork, soffit boxes and behind timber cladding.

Other places that you might find them are sheds, holes in the ground and in bushes.

If you can see regular activity in any of these places, then you could possibly have a wasp’s nest and need a wasp control treatment.


If you think you have a wasp nest and need a treatment for wasp control in call us today to see how we can help. Our treatments for wasp control are competitively priced and we provide discounts on additional nests identified on the same visit.


Surrey Hills Wasp Control is part of Surrey Hills Pest Control who deal with all types of other pests.

Wasp Control

​To book a a appointment for wasp control in your area contact us today through the link or contact us on:


Tel:  (01306) 735 442


Mob: 07971 519415


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