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Surrey Hills Wasp Control -
Wasp Control Oxshott

Here at Surrey Hills Wasp Control we provide professional, guaranteed wasp control in Oxshott and the surrounding areas. We have many years experience in dealing with wasp control in Oxshott, we are fully insured and we have also completed various training courses, which enable us to buy professional based products and insecticides that are approved for the UK.


All our wasp control treatments are fully guaranteed and we offer discounts on extra nest treated on the same visit.


Surrey Hills Wasp Control is part of Surrey Hills Pest Control who provides professional pest control for all types of pests in the Oxshott area. 

Surrey Hills Wasp Control Specialise in wasp control in Oxshott.

If you need to have wasp control in Oxshott then contact us today to book and have a wasp free summer.


Office: (01306) 735442

Mobile: 07971519415


Or send us a request on our contact form HERE


Or send us a request on our contact form.


Our aim is to provide a professional, quality, cost effective treatment for wasp control in Oxshott.  We do this buy having all the right professional equipment and the knowledge to carry out the treatment efficiently.  Having all the correct equipment not only means that we put ourselves at less risk but also you the customer.

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